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Li Kuei (editor) - Ch'in Ting Chíen Lu [= Record of Chinese Coins] - 1880

Extremely scarce complete set of 4 volumes on Chinese numismatics with hundreds of illustrations Chín Ting Ch'ien Lu. i.e. - Record of Chinese Coins, published under Imperial Instructions [in Chinese]. Was prepared by the Minister of State, in accordance with an Edict issued by the Emperor Kien Lung, in the 15th year of his reign (1750). Signed. Ningpo January 1880. Li Kuei. 4 volumes 18 x 29 cm. Japanese binding. Numerous illustrations of coins and numismatics themes. Each volume consists of c. 90 - 100 pp. The Work comprises 4 volumes and contains 16 chapters. The first thirteen chapters consist of a detailed chronological catalogue of the Currency of the Empire, from the reign of Fuh- hi (B.C. 2952) to that of Ch 'ung - chen. (1644 AD). The last monarch of the Ming Dynasty. The fourteenth chapter is an account of the carious coins of contiquous countries. The concluding chapters are devoted to medals with felicitous inscriptions, peculiar or remarkable coin, amulets, and charms. Condition: Complete in 4 volumes with hundred of illustrations, some faint water damaging especially in the upper (blank) corner of two volumes. Some slight worm holing mostly in the blank margin. See photos. Extremely scarce complete set. (total 4) ¶ The present work contains facsimile illustrations of all the coins in the collection arranged to dynasties in the Imperial Treasury, accurately copied in respect of their different sizes, shapes, legends, ornamentation, fineness or coarsenesse. It is, indeed, the most complete and excellent of all Chinese books on numismatics, from the earliest times to our own day. The present publisher has been seeking a copy of the original 1750 edition and recently he discovered a copy. Having purchased it, he has had a new facsimile boards cut, and now issues the present edition on the best of paper and in handsome dress for the use of students of antiquities and kindred subjects.

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  • 2016-10-23
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