Make your objects accessible to everyone

Affiliating with Barnebys will connect you with a diverse group of buyers. And since a large proportion of them are new to auctions and the world of art and antiques, many haven't heard of your auction house or gallery. That is until now. The auction world has developed immensely in recent years. It morphed from being a secluded market into a digital playground accessible to everyone. As the amount and variety of objects on the market has grown, so has the numbers of buyers on the market.

The amount of people using our services keeps growing, and since our visitors are well acquainted with e-commerce and are dedicated shoppers, we can guarantee you high-quality traffic. On a daily basis, we also send out emails to our members' to let them know if one of your objects matches their interests.

We only direct traffic to affiliated houses and dealers. That way, galleries and houses always own their deals, so after we've directed the traffic, they can attend to their customers. Each month we're able to provide our constantly growing group of affiliated houses and galleries with hundreds of thousands of buyers.

What others say about us

I was really pleased with the results and from conversations with clients I know that listing the auction with you brought me new clients who went on to bid and buy in the auction so it was very worth while.
Marijke Varrall-Jones
Director at Maak Contemporary Ceramics

Barnebys offers good coverage and is thus a good marketing tool for us in Scandinavia. We don't spend as much on advertising in newspapers now. We're reaching new customer groups through Barnebys.
Peder Isacsson
Head of Sotheby's Scandinavia


The world has become truly global. It's changed our business because it's a million-times easier to find a buyer[…]Websites such as Barnebys offer an online global shop for Hindman's auctions.
Leslie Hindman 2013 in The Daily Telegraph

Barnebys is a great complement to our business. Thanks to Barnebys' search engine the possibility of find a buyer is much greater.
Tapio Hurtta
CEO at Effecta AB



Evan Tobias

Karl Hermansson

Since Karl took office as Barnebys' Sales Director in 2012, he's effectively put together a strong sales team. Formerly a National Sales Manager at MGT Radio, a Swedish media company, he's no stranger to the expeditious digital world. Furthermore, Karl holds a Master's in Strategic Management from Lund University.
+46 70 824 63 14

  Evan Tobias
Head of Sales, USA

Evan joined Barnebys as the Head of Sales in March 2016. He is leading the United States team while building relationships with top auction houses, dealers, galleries, and consigners. Evan also owns the online gallery Cluster Wall, specializing in publishing street art prints. Evan holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Indiana University.
+1 201 406 89 27




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