On Tuesday night a new record for watches was set when The Henry Graves Supercomplication sold at Sotheby's auction in Genève. The pocket watch was commissioned in 1925 by the banker Henry Graves in New York and was made by the Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe. It took five years for the watchmaker to assemble the masterpiece, a timepiece consisting of 1 pound of gold and 920 individual parts, including 430 screws, 110 wheels and 70 jewels.

The Henry Graves Supercomplication. Photo via Sotheby's The Henry Graves Supercomplication. Photo via Sotheby's

What makes this pocket watch unique is the fact that it was made completely by hand without assistance from any technical apparatus. Besides telling the time, it has 24 other features such as sunrise & sunset times, the phases of the moon, the celestial skyline over Manhattan as well as a perpetual calendar that won't need to be reset until 2100. Patek Philippe's pocket watch had en estimate of $15 M but was auctioned off for $24 M, a world record according to Sotheby's which is well over the previous record of $11 M.

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Story via Hodinkee/Sotheby's