The Rolex GMT-Master is one of the most distinctive sport timepieces in, not only Rolex's history, but in the world of watches. The red and blue bezel, first designed in the mid 1950's has become known as the "Pepsi" bezel in everyday speech. However the soda was not the original inspiration for the pick of colors when designing the watch.

The original GMT-Master was released in the mid 1950's. The red and blue bezel was then inspired, and attributed to the company Rolex worked with when developing their two-time zone GMT watch - namely PanAm airlines.

However, the name GMT-Master Pepsi has come to be the common nickname for the watch referring to the color of the soda brand's logotype.


The point of the contrasting tones on the bezel has to do with the watch being a two-time zone timepiece making it easier to read the second time zone as you can identify the difference between day and night hours.

The GMT-Master ref 1675 is the second model of the collection. Launched in 1959 the GMT-Master 1675 was one of the longest running references in Rolex's history and the reference is one of the most sought-after vintage Rolex watches. The colors on the bezel has faded over time and the light shades of the colors has become a much desired patina characteristic.

Since its launch the iconic watch has been in production in periods. In 2014 the company released a new version of the GMT-Master with the red and blue bezel. This time updated with the world's first two-tone ceramic bezel featuring the red color. The ceramic bezel is very enduring and will keep the "new" look of the watch for a longer time. Having said that - if you desire the vintage touch of faded colors you better get your hands on the older models!

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