Clymer started Hodinkee when he was 25 years old in 2008 and since then the initial blog post has become one of the world’s leading wristwatch publications. Hodinkee doesn’t just review watches, it doesn’t just list facts about watches. What makes Hodinkee so successful is the sincere passion, curiosity and interest that lies behind each article.

The publication makes room for new and vintage pieces alike, keeping their readers up to date on new state-of-the-art watches as well as describing historical moments and highlighting important vintage pieces. The personal columns, interviews and editorials make Hodinkee an entertaining read for both die-hard watch enthusiasts and people who never thought of a watch as more than a gadget that tells you what time it is.

The foundation for the entire operation is an understanding that watches are so much more than a brand and luxury item. They are a combination of art, technology, engineering and design, something that Clymer passionately discusses with Barnebys.