On April 25 2016, we were sent his interesting Lemania wrist watch:

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Lemania was a historic Swiss manufacturer of watch movements, founded in in 1884 by Alfred Lugrin (1858-1920). His name was associated with the highest quality movements and he won awards in 1906 in Milan and in 1914 in Bern for his design mechanisms.

In 1930, Marius Meylan, Lugrun’s son-in-law, established the brand name Lemania Watch Co. before it turned into Société Suisse pour l’Industrie Horlogère (SSIH) after a merger with Omega and Tissot, two other growing watch brands. Lemania continued to make supreme movement parts for these brands as the collective later be integrated again, into Swatch Group in the early-1980s.

Omega and Lemania had a notorious partnership and Omega continue to use Lemania parts to this day. The mechanism made for the Omega Speedmaster, for example, became famous after Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon wearing one, on July 21 1969.

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Nowadays, the Lemania name has almost disappeared completely as it was again, absorbed into a larger conglomerate in 1999 called Manufacture Breguet. Watches under the original name are still available at auction and snapped up by collectors. One was sold at Christies London in 2014 for $9,511

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The Lemania watch that came through Barnebys was sold in London for $1,440 (hammer price) at Fellows watch sale, on Tuesday May 24 2016.

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