This enchanting work by Camille Pissarro, from 1871, was created upon his return from England, where he had fled before the Franco-Prussian War. This Impressionist work was typical of Pissarro's work during this period, lush with vegetation.

May 31: Photography

This photograph by El Lissitzky portrays the Belarusian wood industry. In the 1930s, Belarus was a leader in the field of wood processing.

June 1: Selected objects

This nude model by sculptor Franz Xaver Seegen, was probably created at the Viennese Academy in 1783.

June 1: Selected works

From the window of his Berlin apartment, artist Max Beckmann could see a piece of forest. In 1937, the artist captured the forest in a dark and ominous style, reflecting the gloomy mood of Beckmann. That same year, the government confiscated more than 500 of his works from German museums, putting them on display in the infamous Degenerate Art exhibition in Munich.

The harmony between man and nature is the focal point of Otto Mueller's oeuvre. The artist would repeatedly paint and draw lush plants in an Expressionist style. Mueller tried to reproduce plants and figures with the greatest possible simplicity and sensuality.

Conrad Felixmüller's image of his wife in the forest arose shortly after the First World War, when hope and fear went hand in hand. The woman portrayed appears anxious, yet seems to be in perfect harmony with her surroundings. Like the crescent moon of the hunting goddess Diana, a golden yellow element rises above her brow.

June 2: Modern art

June 2: Contemporary art

Andy Warhol saw the original Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, when the painting was exhibited in 1963 in Washington and New York. As Warhol had done with 20th century icons such as Marilyn Monroe, he felt compelled to work with this icon of art. The result is a fascinating work, which gives the famous face four different looks as well as bringing the Mona Lisa into the 21st century.

June 2: Pablo Picasso ceramics

37 ceramic works by the Modern Master will be going under the gavel.

June 3: Third Floor

The last auction day is devoted to works with an estimate of up to €3 000, a great starting place for new and novice collectors.

Exhibitions of all works will be on display at Grisebach, Fasanenstraße, from May 26 to 30. Check out the full catalog here.