A number of different services that list the realized prices from auctions already exist. However, they are often expensive to use and usually primarily focus on art. Barneby's "Realized prices" allows any user to search among over 7 million realized prices for everything from art to furniture to different collectibles like stamps or vintage wine.

What is it worth?

Now you can easily make your own appraisal! You might have treasure in the attic, a gold mine in the basement or you want to see if your old etching was a good investment. Through Barnebys "Realized prices" you can easily make a primary evaluation of what your object is worth. Naturally we always recommend that you also get a second opinion from an expert, which is why Barnebys has offered a free appraisal service for quite some time. The only think you need to do is write a line or two about the object and send a picture. Your object is forwarded to a leading expert at one of the auction houses affiliated with Barnebys. Within a few days you will be informed of what your object is worth!

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