An interior style reimagined by Ralph Lauren, as well as on the runway by the likes of Prada and Marc Jacobs, tropical-inspired pieces can range from the uber-kitsch - we're talking parrots and lots of colors - to chic muted browns with a hint of pastels.

Safari Chic

If you're not quite ready to go the whole hog, then take inspiration from safari colors. Jazz a white sofa up with green-leaf patterned cushions, or finish a room with a subtle rug and a few bamboo touches.

Shake your tail feather

MARIFI-024-A20160622-20096-emcyaq MARIFI-024-A20160622-20096-emcyaq

Bring some warmth indoors with bird and floral patterned pieces. These pieces can vary from the colors of the Rio carnival to works inspired by butterflies on Japanese silk designs.

Her name was Lola...with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there

And let's not forget, you can adorn yourself in the flamboyant colors of the tropics, whether it's a floor length kimono or just a hint of a safari-colored scarf or handbag.