On January 21, forty pieces of 20th century furniture will be going under the gavel alongside 20 lots of tribal art.

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Left: Eames screen in walnut wood.

Right: Dan mask.

The associates Nicolas Paszukiewicz and Sébastien Hauwaert have specially curated the sale, stating "Our research into the African arts has brought us to a temporal and stylistic crossroads where the primal arts objects and period furniture have come together and cohabited to satisfy the curiosity, aesthetic necessity and demand of new buyers.''

"Offering objects of different origins, contexts and styles in the same sale, is also an invitation to step back and take a fresh look at both tribal art and the perhaps more familiar art forms of furniture and paintings.''

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Left: Chair by George Nakashima.

Right: Royal sabre Luba.

"We have identified our preferences and the essential characteristics, ultimately common to our respective fields: beauty, rarity and authenticity. The consistency of this sale will come by itself following these precepts grouped under a unifying quality.''

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Left: Stool Luba.

Right: Stool by Le Corbusier.

The sale on January 21 is organized in collaboration with furniture maker XXème, Olivier Biltereyst. The design house is renowned for their geometrical lines which create an interesting aesthetic when placed side by side with the raw and pure lines of tribal art objects.

All the pieces of the sale will be visible at the Native Gallery, Ruysbroeck Gallery 5, January 17-21, 2017. Check out the full catalog on Barnebys here.