Celebrate the 50 states with American inspired pieces, from Franks Sinatra's mugshot to Lou Gehrig, these are sure to make you proud of the stars and stripes.

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Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 13.07.28 Ed Ruscha (b.1937) - America Whistles
Dreweatts & Bloomsbury

38307316_1_l Norman Rockwell "Tom Sawyer Series"

Norman Rockwell's art defined the mainstream American perception. If Mark Twain wrote the original American novel, Rockwell stamped American-ness on to a canvas. Although decades apart, the meeting of these two figures of American arts personifies American idealism.

22369649_1 Print "A Time for Greatness" after Norman Rockwell
Fine Art Online Auctions

162208-0025-009 Tatsuo Miyajima, Counter Skin in Recklinghausen, C-Print, 2008

4bf69a8e-19a8-11e5-846a-b909a02109cd D. Cook, American president George Bush and the Cuban leader Fidel Castro, among others. The picture was taken at a summit meeting in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 13.16.51 Two John F. Kennedy presidential buttons, inscribed Our Next President
Pook & Pook

22381231_1 "Young Frank Sinatra - Mug Shot" Giclee on Paper
Fine Art Online Auctions

72210-1434657529-Ball_Lucille_088 E Bachrach 1941-xl Lucille Ball, Ernest Bachrach

138538-0003-h Robert Indiana, Serigraph in Colors, Marilyn - 67, USA, 2008


lf (3) 1966 Topps USA Test Hockey Printer's Proof Sheet with Bobby Orr Rookie

The expansion of the National Hockey League beneath the southern border of Canada had been an extraordinarily risky endeavor, as few Americans had ever witnessed a single game of the sport when the Boston Bruins were established in 1924. Before the end of the decade, the League had gained footholds in New York City Pittsburgh, Chicago and Detroit, and, after narrowly surviving the Great Depression and the Second World War, the NHL slowly became an integral part of the professional sports conversation in America.It was in the mid-1950's that Topps Chewing Gum threw its hat into the hockey ring, entering the market with a beautiful sixty-card promotion that added a patriotic flair to the wholly Canadian National Pastime. For over a decade, Topps cards presented bilingual copy to ensure that fans from Chicago to Toronto to Montreal would be contented. The steady rise in popularity of the National Hockey League was accompanied by an equivalent ascent in the sales of cardboard keepsakes, but it was the emergence of one young phenom that would send the fortunes of each soaring. Barely a teenager when he was signed to a contract with the Boston Bruins franchise, Bobby Orr quickly became the biggest name in the sport, inspiring a flood of ticket sales wherever he played, and suggesting to the management at Topps that the American market was finally ready to support a USA-only hockey issue.And so, in 1966, the plan was set into motion, the issue inspired by Topps' annual edition in bilingual format.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 13.12.07 Andy Warhol, Cowboy and Indians (Feldman & Schellmann. II.377-.386)

In 1986 Warhol created the Cowboys and Indians series. His subjects were such as icons of the American West as General Custer, Annie Oakley and Geronimo.

The series set out to expose the true nature of this period and tensions between cowboys and Native Americans. American heroes of the West are juxtaposed with romanticized visions of American Indians, who were in fact exploited by Western settlers.

lf (2) 1957 Roy Campanella Game Worn Brooklyn Dodgers Jersey

The humble backstop may not have garnered the attention that followed Jackie, Pee Wee and the Duke during that most glorious era of New York City baseball, but there was arguably no more essential component in the sustained success of those last Brooklyn Dodgers teams than Roy Campanella. "He was always doing something to help you win a game, whether it was digging out a low pitch, throwing out a baserunner, or hitting a home run,"explained Dodgers manager, Walt Alston, reporting the facts that earned Campy three National League MVP Awards during the first half of the 1950's.Campy, in his legendary toughness, his tireless work ethic and his blend of Italian and African heritage, was such the classic embodiment of blue collar Brooklyn that the tragic automobile accident that ensured he'd never play a game in California seemed almost ordained by the baseball gods. He'd always belong to Brooklyn alone.Presented is a jersey that may well be the very last Roy Campanella ever wore at Ebbets Field, a well-worn but magnificently well-preserved home white flannel that documents the end of a long and glorious era of Big Apple baseball. The garment memorializes its master better than most game used artifacts ever could, from the short-cropped sleeves that showcased Campy's massive biceps to the dye transfer from the red felt number "39" on the chest that the experts at MEARS attribute to the swampy conditions that wool, a chest protector and a long, hot summer produced.

72269-1434679627-FW0325 Marilyn Monroe in Bathing Suit with Leg Up 1949-xl Marilyn Monroe in Bathing Suit with Leg Up, Frank Worth

lf (1) 1950 Joe DiMaggio Game Worn New York Yankees Uniform

1950 Joe DiMaggio Game Worn New York Yankees Uniform.

You can't have the Dodgers without the Yankees. Though thirty-five years old and operating in what would prove to be his penultimate season, the legendary Yankees center fielder, Joe DiMaggio, still wielded the most dangerous bat in the American League during the 1950 baseball season. He drove in 122 runs with thirty-two homers and seventy-five extra base hits to pace the league with a .585 slugging percentage. Joe would jolt in two more runs in the four-game World Series sweep of the Whiz Kids of Philadelphia, as well, taking Hall of Fame hurler Robin Roberts deep in the top of the tenth inning of the second contest for what would prove to be the game-winner. For the tenth and final time, the name Joe DiMaggio would appear among the top ten vote-getters for the American League MVP Award, a prize he'd already claimed three times en route to Cooperstown immortality.Despite thirteen seasons in pinstripes, and fame matched only by Babe Ruth before him, DiMaggio remains among the most elusive of targets for the advanced uniform collectors, rarer than even the Bambino himself. The same holds true for the population of Gehrigs and Mantles, each more commonly seen on the hobby's auction block than this short-tenured husband of Marilyn Monroe. Discounting Old Timer and coaching format, the population of genuine, privately held gamers could be counted on a single hand.The presented lot narrows the field even further, supplying matched jersey and pants worn during the greatest World Championship run in baseballl history, a half-decade of unbroken supremacy. The jersey honors the time-tested format utilized to this day, with the classic "NY" logo over the heart and only a number on back, in this case the fabled "5" that hangs in Monument Park immortality. The American League Golden Anniversary patch on left sleeve replaces the original that was affixed there during spring training of 1951, when DiMaggio welcomed a young Oklahoman named Mantle to the fold. It was standard practice for many years to wear the previous season's uniforms during spring training.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 13.11.43 The Transatlantic AMERICA off in stormy weather - very good condition
Clement Marechal

H19252-L76150195 US Proof Set 2010 5pc Silver (Quarters Only)
21st Century Auctions

lf 1939 Lou Gehrig Single Signed Baseball, PSA EX-MT+ 6.5.
Heritage Auctions

The legendary first baseman Lou Gehrig played 17 seasons of Major League Baseball for the New York Yankees for a total of 17 season between 1923 to 1939.

Nicknamed ''The Iron Horse'' he hit 493 home runs. His career was cut short when he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS.) He retired at the age of 36 and sadly passed away just 2 years later. His legacy lives on today as one America's greatest baseball players as a monument in his honours stands tall in Yankee Stadium's Monument Park.

6340-5 1965 Corvette Sting Ray Convertible
Coys of Kensington

The Corvette Sting Ray symbolised America in the 1960's and has always enjoyed a cult following. The Corvette Sting Ray has been described as one of the most desirable cars ever built, and has been applauded for its great style and engineering.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 13.07.46 Selous (F.C.) - Recent Hunting Trips in British North America
Dreweatts & Bloomsbury

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 13.08.03 20th C. Native American Turquoise Beaded Necklace
Artemis Gallery

North America, New Mexico or Arizona, early 20th century CE.

Turquoise and heshe bead necklace comprised of 48 natural turquoise nuggets and dozens of heshe bead spacers.