4561_print Carlos Betancourt. Re-Collections Diamond Dust I (Summer-Yellow)

As we highlighted in our 2016 Online Auction Report, the art and antiques market is all about sustainability. Think of the environmental damage that comes with mass-produced furniture and decorative arts. The art and antiques market quite literally recycles itself, pieces are moved from buyer to buyer and find new homes to be loved in (until they come to the market again, of course.)

false-32 Lee Jeonglok Tree of Life #1

The new generation of buyers see previously-loved items as an invest in a more sustainable tomorrow. And there's not a factory or production line in sight. 2017 really is the year of the ethical revolution. Sustainability trumps investment when it comes to the reason why consumers buy at auction, especially for younger buyers.

The year began with Pantone announcing, 15-0343, otherwise known as 'Greenery'  'Color Of The Year,' inspired by the fact that this year will be one of revitalization and sustainability.

JJM_3318 Eames style lounge chair and ottoman

89993483 Dutch Colonial style green painted carved coffee table

Art and design's big names are leading the revolutionnVivienne Westwood is currently standing at the forefront of an upcycling and ethically responsible revolution. The veteran fashion designer stated that her latest collections are inspired by the concept to: ''Buy less, choose well, make it last.''

5956_print Yoshio Ikezaki, A Pine of Hope #5

IMG_6576_org_l__45119.1489110105.1280.1280 Bulgari green leather shoulder bag

Auctions, the second-hand and vintage market are all important players in this green revolution. This Earth Day, go get green!