1428501903009060 Sold for $35

If one Bond girl is not enough, here's three! This series of limited edition collector dolls were made for Goldfinger, 1964, the movie which brought Fleming's Pussy Galore to life. Here is Galore in her infamous gold paint, as well as a purple costume and a swimsuit.

1428501924095016 Sold for $20

Here is Bond girl Honey Ryder with the main man himself. In her memorable white bikini, here is a candid shot of actress Ursula Andre and the original Bond Sean Connery on the set of Dr  No, 1962.

1428501973491386 Sold for $170

From Dr No, the first of the Bond movies. This bottle of Red Stripe has a replica of the original 2962 label. A photograph of Connery caught sleeping in a hammock next to empties was also sold as part of this lot.

1428501973104265 Sold for $90

This promotional photograph of Sean Connery was for the 1963 movie From Russia, With Love. The tuxedo, pistol and suave stance became synonymous with Bond.

1428501691330433 Sold for $1 100

In 1964 Goldfinger was released. The movie was set in Miami Beach, in the Fontainebleau Miami Hotel. These props from the hotel include an original ashtray, playing cards and a postcard from the Fontainebleau Hotel.

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