Some stores refused to sell the album, whilst others covered it in a black film. Although the album was not Prince's greatest success, he had set a precedent for musicians blurring the lines between music and the visual arts.

As well as Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Prince's on-stage and music video persona, an androgynous performer with a whole lot of funk, was captured by many, as photographers climbed over themselves to photograph him.

Herb Ritts, who is currently being honored for his photography of such music icons as David Bowie, Madonna and Tina Turner in an exhibition at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, photographed Prince in Minneapolis in 1991.

Mats Bäcker, who has also shot other boundary-pushing and iconoclastic artists in action such as Iggy Pop, Grace Jones and Mick Jagger, in his Raw Power series, captured the essence of Prince's stage presence during a performance in Stockholm, 1986.

The power of Prince's influence has inspired many of today's contemporary pop artists to create more than an album of songs, now, music videos and album cover artwork are all part of the listening experience. Albums such as Katy Perry's Teenage Dream and The Strokes' This Is It have drawn influence from Prince's embracing of nudity and collaborating with visual artists.