One of our most successful and attractive designers throughout time is Josef Frank. Thanks to the founder of Svenskt Tenn Estrid Ericsson's close and long-standing work with the Austrian designer, professor, and architect, Josef Frank has decorated countless homes both in Sweden and outside of the country for almost three generations.


As one of the foremost advocates of functionalism, as well as one of the most successful architects of his time in Vienna, he became more interested in comfort, patterns and colors than his contemporaries.


Josef Frank said that "the home can't just be an efficient machine. It must offer comfort, rest and domestic harmony (that can calm the eye and stimulate the soul). There are no puritanical principles within good interior design."

Josef Frank began his work as a designer for Svenskt Tenn in 1933 and only a few years later he became the company's head designer. In the 1940's Frank left Sweden to avoid meeting the same fate that many of his fellow citizens had met. He traveled to New York where he would teach at the New School for Social Research between 1942-1944. He later returned to Sweden in 1946.

Together with Estrid Ericsson, a visionary and the founder of Svenskt Tenn, the duo formed something unique. A completely new standard for interior design that included both functionalism as well as the many bold and colorful patterns that have since then decorated all of Sweden.


Today Svenskt Tenn's archives include over 2,000 furniture designs and 160 textile patters that are attributed to the master. Besides all of the interior design items, Josef Frank sketched Sweden's first functional style villas in Falsterbo, which have come to be just as in demand as his furniture and patterns.


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