So what is it about this musical that has audiences so starry-eyed? One factor could be how the movie reworks the Hollywood classic Casablanca, which turns 75 this year.

The set of the movie is as rich and colorful as the soundtrack and the lead roles' performances. It was designed by David Wasco - who has been nominated for an Academy Award for La La Land's set design along with his wife, Sandy Reynolds-Wasco. The Wasco's have harked back to British artist Hockney's saturated depictions of L.A.

Inspired by Chazelle's stunning musical, we have selected our favorite musical movie sets, along with how you can get the look. Lights, camera, action!

Adapted from Philip Barry's 1939 play The Philadelphia Story, High Society tells the story of a jazz artist who is still in love with his ex-wife. The 1956 movie stars Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly in the lead roles. The sets are dominated by sugary-sweet regency furniture mixed with the colors and textures of the 1950s, including bamboo furniture in pastels.

[youtube id="ouLiQ7KhmYU"]

Frank Oz's 1986 adaptation 1986 Little Shop of Horrors, elevated the off-broadway musical into a cult classic. The set design uses color to compliment both the characters' style and costumes as well as the comical nature of the movie. Tiled floors, clashing patterned furniture (and a few houseplants) make up the cartoon-like set of this classic musical.

Set in the transition between the 1950's and the Swinging Sixties, Hairspray offers some of the most toe-tapping musical numbers of all time. The 2007 movie version captured the spirit and style the Sixties: Bakelite furniture, chrome accents and curved shapes.

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