The horse's importance to man can not be emphasized enough. As a source of nutrition, as well as as working animal and pet, the essential role of the horse has been consolidated over the centuries. In addition, the horse has a long tradition of being used as an artistic subject. Already in ancient Greece, the horse was a symbol of beauty, strength and honor which made the horse occur countless times throughout art history.

During the Renaissance aristocrats, warriors and kings were often portrayed as equestrians with powerful stallions at their sides. The horse was an image of honor, heroism and future victories. The power that the creature radiated sprang over on its riders even though the equestrian who tamed the powerful animal was the stronger of the two.

Edward Benjamin Herberte, "An Horse Fair". Foto: Cambi. Edward Benjamin Herberte, "An Horse Fair". Foto: Cambi.

But the horse has not only symbolized honour and future war victories. During the 19th century the horse was important not least as a working animal. Among the work with horse motifs featured at Cambi are Edward Benjamin Herberte’s An Horse Fair, where the importance of the horse for everyday life is emphasized. Agriculture expanded rapidly and the horse was used to wrench plows and carts.

John Emms, "Gone to Earth". Photo: Cambi. John Emms, "Gone to Earth". Photo: Cambi.

Another painting featured at Cambi’s upcoming auction is the British artist John Emms’ Gone to Earth. The oil painting shows an ongoing hunt in which the horse along with the hunting dogs, almost plays a more important role than the hunter himself as a symbol of vitality and speed. John Emms himself was an avid hunting participant and is famous for his skilled depictions of horses and dogs.

John Wheelers "Horse and Groom in a Stable". Photo: Cambi. John Wheelers "Horse and Groom in a Stable". Photo: Cambi.

The horse has also symbolized comradeship and confidant as in John Wheeler's paintings.

Lot number 291 at Cambi is Wheeler's amazing oil painting Horse and Groom in a Stable. The horse's intense chestnut brown and shiny hair strap is a brilliant example of the mammal as a symbol of beauty and youth. Wheeler provides an excellent example of how the horse symbolizes friendship between animals and humans.

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