Between the 1830s and 1930s, British glassmakers Stevens & Williams produced a wide variety of art glass, often inspired by nature. This beautiful piece was part of the company's "Silveria" series, an Art Nouveau style that was made by inserting silver foil amidst the glass to create an interior metallic sheen and embellished by adding bright colors and threads to the exterior.

Estimated $3,000-6,000

This extraordinary Chinese blue and white plate is decorated with a scrolling lotus design. Its production dates to 1723-35, during the prosperous and peaceful Qing dynasty under the imperial rule of Yongzheng. Qing dynasty porcelain is especially valuable because artisans experimented with firing the pieces at a higher temperature which led to more brilliant, glossier colors.

Estimated $50,000-70,000

Although this piece appears like a ceramic, it's actually glass! Mt Washington Glass originated in 1837 in south Boston and became the region's premier glass factory. In 1876, the company moved to New Bedford, Massachusetts, where it introduced famous glass lines, such as the Colonial ware series. This line is often characterized by its scenes on white background and interesting shaped works. The Garden of Allah vase depicts an Egyptian scene of a Bedouin man leading a camel, his back piled high with riches. The neck and base of the vase are intricately decorated with swirling gold curlicues and arabesques, adding a gilded element to this extraordinary piece.

Estimated: $4,000-8,000

Burgun Schverer was founded in France in 1711 and is considered the best Art Nouveau cameo glass. Cameo glass is an art glass form created by etched figures made out of different colors of glass. Their early pieces took weeks to make, with a long process of hand painting, reheating, etching and more. This figure boasts mythological figures enameled with a "Dreams of Hours" image by Walter Crane, one of the leading illustrators of the second half of the 19th century.

Estimated $2,000-4,000

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