When four locks of The Beatles' hair came up for auction, one can only imagine the rejoice of superfine around the world. A new record was set for the sale of hair at auction. Online auction house Catawiki sold Paul McCartney's hair for around $3 000, whilst both George Harrison and Ringo Starr's locks sold for $115 each, with Lennon's hair selling just short of $1 425.

Safe investment?

But who exactly would pay this sum for hair? And will they rise in value? Denny Hoekstra, Catawiki's Beatles expert, definitely believes there is room for an increase in value.

"[The hair] is a very special collectible item and it has proven provenance. Generally, celebrity hair will only increase in value in the future and is therefore a very good investment."

Napoleon reigns

If you think Sir Paul McCartney's hair seems expensive,last year, four millimetres of Napoleon's hair were sold for $3 100, also online at Catawiki. Millimetre for millimetre, this was probably the most expensive hair in history.

Where did the hair end up?

An Australian bidder bought Paul McCartney's hair, whilst a bidder from France bought both George Harrison and Ringo Starr's locks. John Lennon's hair went to a bidder in Austria.

Hair-raising. Check out Catawiki on Barnebys here.