On its debut weekend in the US, December 9, 1983, Scarface earned $4.5 million, putting it in its firm place as one of the 1980's cult movies. The movie, was, however met with criticism. Following mixed reviews at the premier, director Martin Scorsese warned Steven Bauer, who played Manny Ribera, "You guys are great – but be prepared, because they're going to hate it in Hollywood... because it's about them."

Alfie, 1966, starring British screen veteran Michael Caine was adapted from Bill Naughton's novel and play.

The movie's title track was sung by Cher for the closing credits and many stars of 1960s jazz went on to cover it including Cilla Black and Dionne Warwick.

Alfie was one of the first movies to ''break the fourth wall,'' as Caine's character turns to the camera to directly address the audience about characters from within his world.

Diamonds are Forever was Sean Connery's last appearance as 007. When offered to take on the role of Bond again , Connery jokingly asked for the then ridiculous fee of $4 million, which today would be over $20 million. Connery was paid the fee and used it to set up a charity to help deprived children in Edinburgh.

The Terminator, the first of the Terminator movies, provided Schwarzenegger with quite possibly his most quoted line: "I'll be back." The line was originally written as "I'll come back" and although Schwarzenegger's cyborg was the star of the movie, Arnie only speaks 58 words in the entire script.

Some Like it Hot  was Monroe's most famous movie, giving her a place in history as one of Hollywood's greatest sex symbols. Monroe was not first choice for the movie, actress Mitzi Gaynor chosen for the lead role of "Sugar Kane" first, but director Billy Wilder offered Marilyn Monroe the role on hearing she was available.

However, the main stars of the film were Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon's cross-dressing characters. Rumour has it that in order to test if the duo could make for convincing women, they wore their drag outfits around Goldwyn studios, even going unnoticed as they fixed their make up in the female lavatories.

Black comedy Pulp Fiction is arguably one of Tarantino's greatest movie masterpieces. The much-celebreated cult film gave Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta and Uma Thurman perhaps their most iconic on-screen looks and lines of their careers. Tarantino had originally toyed with the idea of playing Lance but decided to play Jimmy Dimmick so he could be at the camera during Mia Wallace's overdose scene. The infamous scene was shot with Travolta pulling the needle from Uma's chest, and then the film was run backwards.

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