The White Border Honus Wagner - PSA EX 5 (MC), which has a current bid of $1.9 million, is expected to fetch between $5-10 million. The Honus Wagner card is one of, if not the most coveted baseball card for collectors.

The 1909 tobacco card has been wonderfully preserved, with the white borders remaining intact as well as no visible fading on the coloured proportion of the card.

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This example of the card is a ''Jumbo'' version, in general, "Jumbo" examples are seen within the stamp collecting world. ''Jumbos'' are rare and much-prized by advanced collectors. Not only is the card impressive itself, it also boasts an excellent provenance.

In the realms of card collecting, it is common practice for cards to change hands informally with just casual agreement upon terms. However, what makes the Honus Wagner card special is the fact that is lineage of over 100 years is entirely traceable.

The "Jumbo" Wagner comes from the estate of a Vermont collector who was in possession of the card since its time of issue. Surrounded by other T206s in an extensive assembly, it was then passed down to his daughter, who sold the collection under shrewd terms to a card dealer or possible auctioneer in New Jersey. Soon after, in mid-1974, the group went to auction, and the "Jumbo" was purchased by hobby pioneer Mike Aronstein. Following a subsequent interval, the card changed hands again (1984, Lew Lipset auction) and remained in the collection of the winning bidder at that time until re-emerging at auction (accompanied by its current PSA assessment) in 2008.

Watch this space to see the final history-making bid! Check out Goldin Auctions on Barnebys here.