It may be that Lady Gaga is the patron saint of the Hamptons—she's the subject of a series of portraits by renowned avant-garde theater director Robert Wilson who founded the Water Mill Center on view at at the Hampton Art Center. She attended last year's Water Mill Center Benefit Gala; and arriving to the Parrish Art Museum's After-10 party on July 12th, it was to the pounding beat of "Born This Way."




The evening's fundraising effort was a resounding success; the museum was given a total of $1,250,000. Robert Wilson and Maya Lin were among the distinguished guests— and the latter's breathtaking sculptures and installations were on view in the museum's galleries.



But most of the action was taking place on the dance floor and by the supper tables on the Mildred C. Ginn Terrace, where 600 people had dined before the thumping after party. The music was provided by Coleman Music and the décor was inspired by the artist Jennifer Bartlett's painting Amagansett Diptych #1. A retrospective of Bartlett's work was on display in one of the galleries, tracking her work—paintings and sculptures—from 1970 to 2011.



As the music pulsed through the Lichtenstein Theater, it reached the farthest stretches of the museum. Breathtaking seascapes, enigmatic sculptures, portraits of the old and wealthy—they all have a different feel when you're at a swanky, swinging party.