Rose gardens, olive trees, a swimming pool in white stone and the stunning view over Tuscany almost gives an illusion of being in the Bertolucci movie Stealing Beauty.

MAR_0129-2 MAR_0129-2

However, when we enter the house and are greeted by the work of Scandinavian designers such as Josef Frank, Bruno Mathsson, and Mats Theselius it’s not hard to guess that, in fact, a Swedish family is living here.

MAR_8424 MAR_8424

The family has been living in Florence since 2001 and is designing and producing their new clothing line AVAVAV Firenze exclusively here in Tuscany.

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MAR_8371 MAR_8371

Part of the house is also intended as a studio ateljé for fashion production. There, one finds a lovely mix of sketching tables, photo equipment, and racks with pieces for the summer and autumn collection. White pantsuits in silk, violet flowery dresses in a 60’s style, fake fur jackets in an olive-green hue, and cotton pants and tops in coral colors are among some of my personal favorites.

MAR_8199 MAR_8199

Linda Friberg who are you and how would you describe your style at home?

I am a fashion designer who lives in Florence with my husband, our two children and two Spanish water dogs, Mila and Bowie.

Our style for the interior in our home is pretty Scandinavian classic I would say. Luckily, everything that we brought from Sweden blended in really well, even though our house in Gothenburg was very different from our house here in Italy.

MAR_8436 MAR_8436

The only challenge is the art since this house is so spacious with really high ceilings, suddenly all of our paintings have the impression of being tiny, haha.

MAR_8348 MAR_8348

You and your husband have been working in the fashion business for a long time, has your interior decorating style been influenced by that?

Yes, that’s right, we started the brands Cheap Monday, Weekday and Monki with 2 other guys, so it has been nice to keep our home slightly more minimalistic and be more expressive within the fashion sphere instead.

MAR_8296 MAR_8296

Do you have any piece of furniture or art at home that you could never part with?

For many years I had been dreaming about a Josef Frank cabinet 2077, but it was really expensive. But, in the end, I just bought it anyway and I never regretted it. I also really like the fact that the hammered prices for this cabinet are still the same price as I bought it for in the auction house.

MAR_8323 MAR_8323

Which is your best acquisition for art or furniture so far?

I think it is a four-meter-long cabinet for clothing from the 19th century. I bought it an antique shop here in Florence and since it is not rare that pieces of furniture are this big here in Italy, they actually took it apart piece by piece and then put it together again inside the house in a phenomenal way.

I also love the Ernst Billgren bronze squirrel with wings in shape of oak leaves that my husband got for me for my birthday some years ago.

MAR_8229 MAR_8229

What are the key ingredients to creating a beautiful home?

With the risk of sounding cliché, the most essential thing for me is not having many things laying around. I also like the contrast between our Tuscan home and our Scandinavian furniture. The house itself has a lot of personality so the furniture could just simply be there. It is the same in fashion when feminine and masculine meets in a good balance.

MAR_8418 MAR_8418
MAR_8378 MAR_8378

Is your interior style influenced by any specific people, time periods, hotels or other places around the world?

During the years that I and my husband have been building up our home, we have acquired a lot of ”classics” since it feels more long term. I, for instance, love Josef Frank’s design - his furniture blends in very easily and it has a timeless touch to it.

MAR_8285 MAR_8285

Different time eras often inspire me, but luckily I always pace myself and take some time to fall in love with a piece, as I know that I will grow tired of it quickly. Also, I don’t like when everything doesn’t have a unifying feeling. My ground style is like ”perfect weather that you don’t really feel”, it is not too hot and not too cold, it just is.

MAR_8421 MAR_8421

Do you often purchase vintage furniture/antiques?

It was actually more of a big interest of mine when I lived in Gothenburg. But there are a lot of great markets around Florence. There is also a great antique fair in Parma with amazing furniture and all sorts of things. I bought two Thonet chairs there and a Thonet sofa. The vintage market is also really great here and is most fun when a lot of the smaller dealers are exhibiting together in a huge hangar.

MAR_8363 MAR_8363

What will your next acquisition be?

I don’t know, but I would be very happy if I could sell our gigantic Gervasoni Ghost sofas because they are not really me.

MAR_8308 MAR_8308

Do you have any specific ”dream home” that you have stumbled upon during your travels?

Our friends own a hotel called Borgo Santo Pietro, close to Siena and it is marvelously tasteful. It does not resemble my style, but it is magical and you can find real harmony between the interior design and the surroundings.

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Written by: Malin Ebbing

Photographer: Ottavia Poli