This is an absolute classic that works both during the day and the evening. Wear it to work with cool sneakers or to dinner with big earrings. If you don’t have one yet, now is definitely the time. Barnebys recommend this vintage Chanel silk shell and matching skirt - an updated version of the LBD.


2. Scarf

Ah, the scarf. The quickest way to add a pop of color to an otherwise dull outfit. You can’t really talk about scarfs without mentioning Hermès. The Hermès scarf or carré, square, was first produced in 1937 and has since then become as iconic as the orange box in which it lies. You can almost always find scarves from Hermès at Barnebys. Right now we really like this one designed by Zoe Pauwels. Wear it in your hair, around your neck or tie it to your purse. BOOM You’re ready to go!

3. The evening bag

Well, you will need a bag to go with that little black dress of yours. Again we recommend color. This spring yellow is very now. Maybe this little ray of sunshine from Prada?

4. The daytime bag

Of course your computer won't fit in a little purse from Prada, no matter how colorful. For daytime we would go for this Louis Vuitton black leather Nuance tote. This one will keep gettin better during the years!

5. The spring jacket

With warmer days ahead you have to find a lighter jacket. And, surprise surprise, we think you should ditch the black. Go for color or maybe even a white one. Barnebys really like this Chanel cream wool coat which will work really well with your Louis Vuitton Tote.

6. The suit

“Before you leave the house look in the mirror and take one thing off” - This spring we think you should go against the words of fashion goddess Coco Chanel. Top of these wardrobe staples with big accessories and cool pants and your outfit will be a real eye catcher! Good luck!