Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 11.14.44 Image courtesy of California Gold Surf Auction

Modern surfing as most of us know it today began in the 20th century with the revival of Hawaiian traditions and by the late 1950's the sport's increased popularity had taken it from an underground culture into a international fad centered to primarily three locations: Hawaii, Australia and California. The Beach Boys among others brought to the world the first ideas of surfing and Southern California beach culture through their surf music with hits like and Surfin' Safari and Surfin' USA.

Surfin' in the 30's 

The early 1930s saw the beginning of the modern day surfing as we know it today. One man in particular,Tom Blake, laid down the foundation of the technological change and development of board design, use of materials and method of construction. The boards became longer, lighter, narrower and in some cases more hollow enabling more people to surf. Its popularity lasted through the 1940s, however the hollow boards came to be more popular among lifeguards than surfers.

This hollow Tom Blake patented Thomas Rogers Co. Paddleboard in mahogany with wood dowels, a swooping round nose with pintail and an original classic brass Tom Blake Patent plug with life saving ring is up for auction at the California Gold Surf Auction. Take the chance to get your hands on one of these historic innovations!

The surfing culture continued to evolve and changing over time and with that the style of performance as well as designs of the boards. From long to shorter boards the evolution of surfin goes on.

Auction highlight: the Renny Yater Kevin Ancell Mother of Pearl Abalone Gun board. 

Being one of out of six boards from the Yater Ancell longboard collaboration this beauty is a rare find at the California Surf Gold Auction 2018. It has a hand shaped pintail mini-gun by Renny Yater and artwork by Kevin Ancell with mother of pearl and abalone inlays, a gold pinline on a tortoise green bottom with a matching Yater 10" wood & Abalone fin.

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