To kickback at the imposed Facebook ban, Tim Goodman - ex Sotheby's Australia chairman and now founder of Fine Art Bourse - wrote an open letter to Mr Zuckerberg.

In the letter, Goodman describes how he was ''shocked to find that not only were we immediately blocked from advertising, but Facebook went on to flag our entire account, making it nearly impossible for us to adjust our content and appeal.'' He further explains how he feels that ''this issue is much bigger than Fine Art Bourse,'' and goes on to describe cases over recent years that Facebook has banned content from the social media platform, including ''in 2016 you blocked Sydney artist Ella Dreyfus for posting photographs of ageing nude women, and you censored Aboriginal rights activist Celeste Liddle for posting an image of two Aboriginal women.''

Below is the video which lead to Fine Art Bourse being banned from Facebook.

[youtube id="0QqnlYWltwM"]

Here is the censored version the auction house created, however, it could not be shared on Facebook as the Fine Art Bourse page had been flagged by the social media platform.

[youtube id="n2cKTEc3a2M"]

Goodman concludes the letter with ''I am at a loss.'' Read the open letter to Mark Zuckerberg here. See below a Tim Goodman discussing why he founded Fine Art Bourse.

[youtube id="k3nVvE5ZSqs"]