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Larry Clark's 1995 movie Kids, 1995, caused much controversy at the time of it's release for it's portrayal of underage sex and teenage drug use. The movie focuses on the subculture connected to skateboarding and skating, as well as punk.

Clark is also known for his work Tulsa, which documents his friends using drugs. At the age of just 16, Clark himself started injecting amphetamines.

Cindy Sherman

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Chameleon Sherman is known for her parodic photographs of women. For each work, she emulates a different female stereotype, in order to challenge the viewer's perhaps unknowing acceptance of such stereotypes.

Her 1981 Centrefolds series was a voyeuristic journey int the lives of young women, many of which appeared to be distressed or in a passive role.

In 2008, Sherman further explored themes of women and youth in her series Society Pictures which examined the role beauty plays in American society.

Nobuyoshi Araki 

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One of contemporary art's most provocative photographers - Tokyo-born Nobuyoshi Araki is known the world over for his work. Araki's Kinbaku Series explores the ancient tradition of Japanese rope play.

In 1981, Araki released a pornographic film, High School Girl Fake Diary, a soft-core, or pinku film. The film was met with much criticism, even Araki came to dislike the film.

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