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A Rare Portrait of Mozart at Auction

A painting of a teenage Mozart, one of the rare portraits painted during his lifetime, will be auctioned by Christie's Paris this November. Preserved in a private collection, the work is estimated between $880,000-1.3 million.

Elgin Watches: Keeping Time during Turmoil

Founded in 1863 and lasting for just over a century, Elgin was one of the leading watch manufacturers in the United States. The company embodied the ideals of American industrial capitalism, and to this day their reliable and inexpensive models maintain a good reputation among lovers of vintage watches.

El Greco: A Meeting of East and West

Greeted with puzzlement by his contemporaries, despised after his death, then largely forgotten, it was not until the 19th century that El Greco was rediscovered by the French Romantics and reintroduced to the modern artistic canon.

A Global Treasure Chest

Millea Bros. upcoming auction features a wide range of unique items from around the world, including an African headdress, 19th century French armoires and a Picasso drawing.

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Unique Scagliola Panels up for Auction

For its mid-November sale, a Cologne auction house has outdone itself with classic pieces. They are presenting a significant set of scagliola panels, along with fine antique porcelain, paintings by Old Masters, and sumptuous jewelry.