With Gratitude exemplifies Berlin’s working of pre-renaissance religious painting. The woman’s classical and emotional pose reminds us of an early Madonna, yet he combines this with his own original technique, bringing back this iconic image to the present day.

Though his work is instantly recognizable, Berlin plays with many colors, subjects, and cultures and draws inspiration from across Europe, Asia, and North America. Berlin is said to be an artist of great spirituality, where much of his work attempts to project the principles of Buddhism. Loving Kindness is a highlight of his Buddhist art collection, as its calming blue and green tones offer a sense of relief and virtue, relating directly to its title.

Last but certainly not the least, Harlequin on Fire illuminates Berlin’s fiery passion and emotion as an artist. He portrays the harlequin in the midst of being consumed by the fire while he gazes back at us in contempt. The juxtaposition of the harlequin, a playful and frequently used character in Berlin’s work, the raging fire as well as his haunting expression further highlight Berlin’s skill and intensity.

Throughout his work, we see how Berlin strives to depict all facets of human emotion, capturing our own vulnerability in this familiar yet strikingly different approach from today’s contemporary art scene.

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