In a comment on J. Crew's blog, the clothing brand stated: ''After we spotted artist Rob Pruitt’s color gradients on Instagram, we were dying to collaborate with him.''

''Lucky for us, he couldn’t have been cooler and generously let us feature his cheeky paintings on our new rash guard collection (sales benefit The Skin Cancer Foundation). Here, he shows us around his Brooklyn studio and talks about his love of flea markets and cats and what it’s like to see people wear his art.''

The artist added: ''Seeing my art on a rash guard is like seeing my art on a human body as opposed to a canvas. I like how it changes from person to person.''

He went on to explain his creative process, ''I tear pages out of magazines, take pictures of color combinations that I encounter in day-to-day life and take lots of screen grabs when I’m surfing the internet. When I revisit these things, the ones that rise to the top are the ones that usually creep into my art and paintings.''