Nymphéas, is estimated to reach between $30 million to $50 million, as it is widely regarded as the most superb work in Monet's Giverny lily pond series and indeed his career.  

Co-head of Sotheby's global Impressionist and modern art department, Simon Shaw, commented:  "Above all others, Picasso's Blue Period is prized as his breakthrough—this is the moment Picasso becomes Picasso. With her dreamy gaze and frank sensuality, the cabaret dancer in La Gommeuse ushers in a new visual idiom for the 20th century.''

''Exploring themes which would underpin Picasso's work for the next seven decades, the painting stands squarely between the bohemian nightlife of Toulouse-Lautrec and the raw expressionism of Munch and Schiele. La Gommeuse and Nymphéas hung together in the salon of Bill Koch's beautiful home.''

''These are two icons of art history from one of the greatest American collections ever assembled—a testament to Mr. Koch's unique connoisseurship, which we are honored to celebrate this fall at Sotheby's."

The works are currently at Sotheby's London as part of Frieze week. The pieces will be in New York from 30 October.

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