The sales total was $203 million, lower than the estimate total, but 84.5% of lots were sold.

Bacon's Three Studies for Self-Portrait, 1980, previously owned by Jacques Casier and his wife, sold for $46.9 million.

A great disappointment for Bacon on the night was the failure to find a buyer for Study for a Pope I, 1961. It had been estimated to fetch between $39-54 million.

Some of the star lots of the sale included Warhol's dollar bills. The total for the series was $53.5 million, including the $32.6 million sale of the only hand-painted bill, which had an estimate of $20-28 million. Larry Gagosian purchased the 20 dollar sign silkscreen for $10.8 million.

After bad news for the Richter market at Christie's Contemporary sale the previous night, more blows came for the artist. Stadtbild M 6 failed to sell whilst Portrait Schmela, sold for $5 million, a figure less than its estimate. Hope was restored when A.B Brick Tower, 1987, sold in the middle of its $18-25 million estimate at $21 million.

Frank Auerbach's Head of Gerda Boehm, 1961 set a record for the artist. Dealers battled it out for the piece, with Chris Eykyn winning the work on paper for $3.4 million, an incredible price against the $390 000-545 000 estimate.

Outside the sale, a storm was brewing as members of the union United Voice of the World (UVW) who represent the cleaning service Sotheby's has recently stopped using, gathered in protest.