A name and address on the inner cover reads: Maillan, 35 Rue Jacquard. Maillan, features in several of the photographs which are thought to have been taken between 1914 to 1917 in France at Escadrilles (squadrons) N3, N12, N49, N81, N67. The most famous of these being N3 'The Storks' who were one of the most decorated aviation units of WWI.

The photographs show the pilots at work and rest, the aeroplanes are mostly SPADs and Nieuports but there are also images of captured German Albatrosses. Other interesting photographs of note include medal investures, (Legion d'honneur, N81) various plane wreckages and some official arial photographs annotated with their escadrille, pilots and observers names.

The most famous French WWI flying aces which feature in the albums include: Yves Barbaza, Marcel Hugues, Georges Flachaire and Marcel Viallet who all were recipients of the Légion d'honneur, the Médaille militaire and the Croix de Guerre, two of these pilots also received the British Military Cross.

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