Four years on from the critically acclaimed 'Channel Orange,' Ocean has released his latest album, creating a whirlwind on social media from fans and his contemporaries alike. On Friday August 19, Ocean released 'Blond' as well as the visual album 'Endless.'

The album features the track ''Device Control,'' an unreleased track by photographer Wolfgang Tillmans. Visual artist Tillman was the first photographer and non-English artist to be awarded the Turner Prize. He is best known for his photographs which capture today's social events, with his works appearing in cultural magazines including i-D, Spex, Interview, SZ-Magazin and Butt-Magazine.

The seven minute long song caught the attention of Ocean when he met Tillmans during a photoshoot for the album. Ocean travelled to Berlin to met with Tillmans to further discuss the track, where the two reportedly visited techno super club Berghain. Ocean went on to use the full seven minute track to finish the song ''Endless'' on his album.

In a post on Instagram, Tillmans stated: ''Enormously proud and happy that Frank Ocean did include my (yet unreleased) track ‘Device Control’ as intro and as a full length ending of his 'Endless' album!''