Justin Bua, world-renowned street artist, will host and judge alongside Lauren Wagner, director of Pop International Galleries. With judges representing two areas of the art world, and the competition airing on a network aimed towards young women, Street Art Throwdown will bring more attention to the art form from several different angles.

A press release from Oxygen reports that each episode will feature two challenges that lead up to an elimination round where "the competing artists will be tested on their stamina, strength and efficiency as they create a large-form piece or mural in hard to reach locations and under harsh conditions." Seeing as the competition takes place in Los Angeles, the city will force the competitors to test their own limits and put their skills to the test.

The winner will walk away with $100,000 and a jump-start to their career. The roster is made up of ten promising artists, including Jenna Morello, Annie Preece (Love Annie) and Solomon Perry (Grimnasty). With many different styles and material represented, Street Art Throwdown is ready to bring street art into the living room.


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Story via Oxygen