With 1 300 lots, Rob Michiels boasts one of the largest Asian art auctions in Europe this year so far. The lots are of undeniable quality, such as this pair of blue porcelain bottle shape vases (lot 1094.)

Lot 220 is signed by the Chinese painter Qi Baishi (1864-1957), known for capturing scenes of rural life. Self-taught, Qi Baishi's works combine poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal and are inspired by traditional literary painting. Yet they are resolutely modern: the energy of his brush, use of ink and vibrant colors.

Left: Qi Baishi (1864-1957)

Right: Lot 220, Qi Baishi, Long melons and their vines, ink and color on paper

For collectors of teapots,  lots 223 and 224 are unmissable. The first is a very rare teapot with an erotic decor and the second features a semi-erotic scene. Both date from the time of the Chinese Emperor Qianlong.

Left: Lot 223, China porcelain teapot Rose family with erotic decoration, Qianlong

Right: Lot 224, China porcelain teapot Rose family with erotic decoration, Qianlong

A blue and white porcelain plate from China entitled "Three Friends of the winter", is marked with the Qianlong period (lot 500). The piece comes from the collection of Soame Jenyns, an expert on Chinese porcelain.

This model of a soapstone Luohan signed Yu Xuan and dating from the 17th/18th century, is from a private Belgian collection and is one of the star lots of the sale. Yang Yuxuan was one of the sculptors of the Emperor Qianlong's Imperial workshop.

Finally, although this beautiful huanghuali wooden brush pot is modern in appearance, it dates from the 17th/18th century and is in excellent condition.

The public exhibitions will take place from October 21 to 26 from 10am to 6pm CET and on October 27 from 10am to 2pm CET. The auction will take place on October 28 (10am CET: Lot 1-220 and 2pm CET: Lot 221-652) and October 29 (10am CET: Lot 653-875 and 2pm CET: Lot 876-1301). See more here.