The Swiss-based auction house Koller is one of the world's best and for four days between March 26-29, enthusiastic collectors can turn their eyes towards Zurich, where ten outstanding catalogs will be auctioned.

It all begins on March 26 with Koller’s auction of valuable books. The top lot can be found in the ‘Zoology’ category: Dissertation de generatione et metamorphosibus insectorum Surinamensium by Maria Sibylla Merian, in which the flora and fauna of northeastern South America is illustrated. It is the third edition of the work with 72 old colored copper plates and the first with Latin-French parallel text.

During the same day another auction will be held, with an impressive catalogue which is full of documents and medieval writings. A richly-illustrated manuscript, Horae BMV Hours is written in Latin and has been dated to the year 1460.

While March 27 is completely dedicated to jewelry, the next day offers craftsmanship of the highest quality. After the day starts with carpets, Koller continues with furniture, porcelain and silver in the afternoon. In addition, early Meissen porcelain and an unusual writing cupboard from the middle of the 19th century will pass under the hammer. The cabinet has been decorated with a technique known as lacca povera, an 18th century Italian variant on the Chinese and Japanese motifs.

March 29 is the time for painting and graphics. Among the highlights is a work by the Dutch Renaissance artist Jan Wellens de Cock, where he portrays the temptation of Saint Anthony.

Other highlights include a portrait of Frederick III of Saxony, a German curator who lived in the 15th and 16th centuries. The portrait has been painted by Lucas Cranach the Elder, a German painter and book illustrator. In addition, a scene from Don Juan's life, depicted by the baroque painter Jan van Noordt, will be auctioned.

The painting shows the first meeting between Don Juan and his love interest Preziosa. The scene is enclosed in a richly decorated frame with hunting motifs.

Koller's extensive auction ends on March 29 with 19th-century paintings. The painter Carl Spitzweg, who is particularly popular in Germany, is represented here, with the work Der Schmetterlingsfänger, which represents a busy butterfly collector.

In addition, parts of the TV producer Jef Rademaker's collection will be auctioned, which includes romantic paintings from both the Netherlands and Belgium. The work Winter landscape by night with skaters and a "koek-en-zopie" by Andreas Schelfhout, as well as the still life of David Emil Joseph de Note, which takes up the Dutch pictorial theme of the 17th century, are two highlights of the sale.

The painters Oswald Achenbach and Carl Morgenstern, who, like many of their contemporaries, visited the Apennine mountain range at the eopca, instead offer us two extraordinary Italian landscapes.

This view of Venice immersed in a pink crepuscular light, created by the romantic painter Carl Morgenstern, will be put up for auction next to this countryside landscape overlooking Oswald Achenbach's Vesuvius.

Finally, we finish with one of Koller's most acclaimed exclamations, namely Arnold Böcklin's monumental Der Kampf auf der Brücke from 1889.

The work depicts a battle between German and Roman forces. For this work, Böcklin was inspired by Peter Paul Rubens' The Battle of the Amazon. He admired the baroque painting tradition from a young age since he traveled in Belgium at the age of 20.

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