On April 13, Elmgreen and Dragset: Van Gogh's Ear which has been installed by Public Art Fund will be unveiled at the Rockefeller Center. The work by the Scandi twosome will see a 1950's inspired swimming pool displayed on its side.

Illuminated rabbit sculptures will light by the Winter Garden in Amanda Parer's work Intrude. The work will come to New York on April 17 and brings with it the artist's message about the devastation human impact makes on the planet as, sadly, in Australia, rabbits have become a pest.

This year, the Public Art Fund will present Brit artist Martin Creed's largest public sculpture at the Brooklyn Bridge Park in May. The 25 ft piece Work No. 2630, UNDERSTANDING displays a rotating neon sign which can be seen from both sides of the East River.

To celebrate Socrates Sculpture Park's 30th anniversary, this May, eight projects will be displayed by artists Cary Leibowitz, Abigail DeVille, Jessica Segall,Brendan Fernandes, Hank Willis Thomas, ARTPORT_making waves, Brendan Fernandes and Casey Tang. The projects will be headlined by Meg Webster's Concave Room for Bees, a bowl of soil and bulbs which will grow throughout spring.