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Two entrepreneurs

Artsper is the brainchild of Hugo Mulliez (27) and François-Xavier Trancart (25). Hugo was at an investment fund in New York as an  intern. He saw the boom in the States for e-commerce sites selling artworks, and recognised that Europe did not have any of the same. On returning to France Hugo, along with co-founder François-Xavier, launched Artsper in 2012. With sites like Artsper and Barnebys, art has now become accessible to everyone.

blog (2) François-Xavier Trancart and Hugo Mulliez ©Artsper

Artsper, ahead of the trend

Artsper sells art online by providing exposure to galleries and around-the-clock access to over 5,000 works from 250 galleries around Europe. Contemporary heavyweights such as Takashi Murakami, Liu Bolin and Jeff Koons are listed beside emerging talent. On Artsper makes it possible to browse fuss-free with an easy-to-use navigation system. Every work listed is includes the price, biography, dimensions, etc.  The innovative "View in a room" feature helps you see what the work would look like at home with a to scale display of the piece in a room.

blog (3) Browse art on © Artsper

blog (4) View in a room © Artsper, artwork by Tom Wesselman

More than art

Artsper is also a content site that changes with each day. Galleries provide content about their upcoming exhibitions, new artists, next fairs, etc. Influential names in the art market are regularly featured on Artsper, sharing their favourite pieces and their wisdom on the market. Artsper's online magazine offers an insight into cultural events across Europe with features on exhibitions, collector's guide and emerging artists... to make sure you don't miss a thing in the contemporary art world!

blog (5) Inspiration © Artsper

Have a try on!

Click on the artwork to check it out on Artsper.

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