Gibson Mandolin Gibson Mandolin

Capo Auction House will hold their mid-summer "Fine Art and Antiques" sale in Long Island City on Saturday. The centerpieces of the event is considered one of the rarest selected vintage Martin, Gibson and Fender guitars.

Fender, Jazz Bass Sunburst Electric Fender, Jazz Bass Sunburst Electric

The New York based auction house reports that guitar lovers will surely bid very high on the beautiful Martin 1926 00-28 Natural acoustic guitar that features supreme quality Brazilian rosewood on its back as well as on the sides.The estimated price for this rare instrument is set in the range of $10,000-$15,000, it is offered along with the guitar's factory replaced bridge and a custom-made case.

Gibson 1965 Country Western Gibson 1965 Country Western

Another rare item in the auction mix is the 1965 Gibson Country Western Southern Jumbo Guitar featuring authentic frets, a soft case and the same Brazilian rosewood with the estimated  at$3,000-3,500. Another highlight in the exquisite selection of guitars is the Fender Jazz Bass Sunburst, an electric guitar.  The Fender comes with its original shell case with an estimated value $3,000-5,000.

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