Brothers William and Tom Henderson in 1910 began to build four-cylinder motorcycles in Detroit. In late 1917, the brothers went on to sell their business to the giant motorcycle factory Excelsior in Chicago and Henderson production moved there. At Excelsior, the four-cylinder model was built until 1930, when all motorcycle production was closed down. This bike on offer at Göteborgs Auktionsverk is one of the last "real" Henderson, manufactured at the old factory in Detroit.

No list of motorcycles is complete without a Harley Davidson. As World War II hit, the production of motorcycles for civilian use was withdrawn in order to make way for military production. Harley Davidson produced the XA 750 for the army, constructed with horizontally opposed cylinders and shaft drive, designed for desert use.

Weapons Husqvarna AB is regarded as Sweden's most famous manufacturer. In 1903 the company produced the first machine that had a motor and later went on to build a wide range of models with Moto Reve engines. The first all-Swedish Husqvarnan arrived in 1919 and only a few small changes were made from then until 1933.

The Mods of the 1950s rode scooters, but the big fight (besides that one in Brighton) was whether to ride a Vespa or a Lambretta.

In the 1950s, mod favorite Lambretta produced scooters under a license in West Germany with the name NSU Lambretta. The brand originally began in Milan, Italy, under the manufacturer Innocenti.

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