When Modigliani's Female Nude went on display in 1917 at Paris' Berthe Weill Gallery, the exhibition was swiftly shut down by police for indecency. The Tate exhibition's co-curator Nancy Ireson explained that Modigliani's choice to portray his subjects with pubic hair was, during the period he was active, a risqué decision.

Specially for the show at The Tate, HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, have created a virtual reality depiction of early 20th century Paris.

Modigliani scholar Kenneth Wayne is planning a show of the artist's work at the Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, for 2020, to make 100 years since the Modigliani's death.

At New York's Jewish Museum, this fall until February 2018, an exhibition of early drawings by Modigliani will be going on display.