One day in August in 1984, limo driver Ronnie Sunshine runs into his friend Andy Warhol outside the Hard Rock café on W. 57th Street. Accompanied by Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat the pop art icon jumps into the limo. Warhol and Haring drew a dollar sign respectively a portrait of Sunshine and his limo as a flying space shuttle/flying penis before they drop Warhol off in the east 60's. The rest of them go on to Haring's studio on Hester Street near the Bowery. Basquiat gave Sunshine the Indian Head Nickel painting with a hole in it later the same night. After a couple of hours of partying with the artists and their friends Sunshine drives home with the art work. With a starting price at $75,000 this painting is the rock star of the sale. The oil painting features both Basquiat's "signature" crown as well as his "SAMO" tag on the back of the canvas. The sun has definitely been shining over Ronnie and let's say being a limo driver can for sure be unexpectedly profitable!


Other highlights at the auction is a ring worn and owned by Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga and Rihannas custom apparel as well as a pair of scissors that cut Justin Beiber's hair.

The New York City auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll is owned by Ed Kosinski and Pete Siegel. The "Spring Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction" takes place from April 11th to April 20th featuring almost 800 superstar memorabilia lots.

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