One of the most prominent artists from the 1900's is without a doubt Pablo Picasso, who was a painter, sculptor, ceramic artist and graphic artist. Picasso is often featured in our news reports with his fantastic artwork and auction records. Barnebys currently has 5 297 pieces by Picasso, including these two:


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Marble is one of the trendiest interior design concepts at the moment, this marble room from the Ducal palace in Northern Italy takes our breath away. Barnebys has over 3,000 marble objects of different shapes and sizes. Out of them, we have selected these two:


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This snug and cozy home contains many design favorites, like these:



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If it's art that you're after, you've come to the right place. Barnebys has a wide range of oil painting, water-colours, lithographs and graphic prints, 119 016 to be precise. In other words, there is something for each taste and wallet. Here are two examples:  


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Barnebys was founded in Sweden and since then we've expanded to include the U.K, Germany, France and now the U.S. The auction houses connected with Barnebys are also spread out across the globe, so you can explore auctions from different corners of the world without even leaving your home!!


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We know that there are a lot of people who's hearts skip a beat for items from the 50's and 60's, the same people who's choice search terms are retro and teak. This fantastic room reminds us of these items that are up for auction:


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Panel screens and dividers have their roots in China, a piece of furniture that is both practical and beautiful. Panel screens come in different sizes and designs, so whether you're a minimalist or prefer a detailed piece there is a screen for you, for example these:


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Porcelain, glass and ceramics are available in all shapes and sizes at Barnebys. These are some of our favorites:


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Take a chance by mixing old with new and let yourself be inspired by different European elements and designers. That's what makes this style unique.

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Haven't we all felt like we don't have anything to wear, and just as often felt like updating our closet? We can help you find bags, clothes and accessories!



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