Pink is the new red

26656169_1 2.75 ctw pink sapphire and diamond earrings - 14ct white gold

Some Ancient Asian traditions once believed pink sapphires were the ultimate symbol of love, with its beauty compared to the sacred lotus flower. Gems can range from the palest of pinks to vibrant magenta colors.

Proof that sapphires were presented as engagement rings dates back to Ancient Rome.

Grace Kelly's timeless jewelry box featured pieces with pink sapphires and diamonds, such as the example above. In 2012, Montblanc created the ''Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco,'' a limited-edition jewelry collection embellished with filigree petal cut stones, honoring the Grace de Monaco pink rose, a flower named after Kelly in 1956 for her wedding day. Reflecting Kelly's style, diamonds and pink sapphires were strong influences in the collection. Montblanc teamed up with the Princess Grace Foundation-USA, which assists emerging talents in the performing arts, to create the divine collection.

Sri Lanka and Myanmar were traditionally where pink sapphires were mined, however, since the 1990s, Madagascar has become a great source.

Orange is the happiest color

26656114_1 GIA certified 47.80 ctw morganite and diamond pendant with chain - 14ct rose gold

26656779_1 14ct rose gold 16.91 ctw coral and diamond bracelet

From princesses to the pits of the sea, coral, which was especially popular in Ancient Egypt and then in the Victorian period, is an example of beauty growing out of darkness. The underwater caves of Alghero, Sardinia, known as the Coral Riviera, Strait of Gibraltar, Cape Verde Islands and the western Pacific oceans around Japan and Taiwan are all home to this enigmatic stone.

26656111_1 Rolex 18ct gold President diamond DayDate men's watch

Yellow, or rather yellow gold

Patented in 1955 and released in 1956, the President watch was one of Rolex's most complex. It featured a Day-Date with automatic movement, day and date discs, and, in 1969,  Rolex introduced a concealed clasp. It was this year that the watch became prominently known as the President.

The President was on the wrist of everyone, from athletes, Hollywood's elite to, well, presidents with presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Reagan, Nixon to Roosevelt all having sported the Day-Date.

Green-eyed lover

26656065_1 Rolex 18ct yellow gold President emerald and diamond ladies watch

26656372_1 GIA certified 11.70 ctw emerald and diamond ring - 14ct white gold

26656790_1 5.54 ctw emerald and diamond earrings - 14ct white gold

The history of the emerald dates all the way back to 2.97 billion years ago, in South Africa, where the oldest emeralds are found. Pharaoh Cleopatra was as much known for her emeralds as she was for her winged eyeliner. During her reign, she took control of the emerald mines which were near the Red Sea from the Greeks.

No doubt her most iconic cinema performance, Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra in the 1963 movie, alongside her husband Richard Burton. For the movie, Taylor was adorned in emeralds, a style she continued on the red carpet. In 2011, Elizabeth Taylor's emerald pendant broke records for the stone, with emeralds selling for $280 000 per carat. Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in the 1963 movie

26657045_1 14ct white gold 3.04 ctw tanzanite and diamond earrings

Blue Valentine

Tanzanite was first coined by Tiffany & Co. and became associated with the jewelers thanks to a publicity campaign in 1968. The first tanzanite gems were believed to have been found in 1967, in the hills of Merelani in northern Tanzania, which continues to this day to be the only source for the blue gem.

26656780_1 14ct yellow gold 13.62 ctw tanzanite and diamond necklace

26656401_1 14ct white gold 7.90 ctw tanzanite and diamond bracelet

From Bolivia, with love

26657106_1 14ct yellow gold 73.39 ctw ametrine & diamond pendant with chain

Throughout history, certain stones and gems have been associated with important female leaders, ametrine is no exception. The gem, which is a mix of amethyst and citrine colors, is believed to have first been introduced to Europe as a gift to the Spanish Queen from a conquistador, the explorers of the Spanish Empire or the Portuguese Empire, after he had received a mine in Bolivia as a dowry when he married a princess from the native Ayoreos tribe.

Today, the Anahi mine in Bolivia is still the only place ametrine is mined.

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