Diamante, noun

If you tell someone unfamiliar with the word that diamante is a jewelry term, they might automatically presume it has something to do with diamonds, since the two are so similar in their spelling. But a diamante is a glittering ornament, such as an artificial jewel (think rhinestone or sequin). It commonly occurs in discussions about vintage costume jewelry, and that’s how we came upon it as this week’s word – in a descriptive text for the object shown here: a rare tubular gold bead and diamante bracelet made by Coppola e Toppo for Valentino.


It’s lot #273 in Ripley Auctions’ September 25th auction of Part 1 of the Brett Benson lifetime collection of vintage costume jewelry (planned as an annual event, this is the first). Coppola e Toppo was one of the leading designers from the mid-1950s thru the late ‘70s. “I tell people, if you look at an issue of Vogue magazine from the 1960s, its’s hard not to find a piece of their jewelry somewhere in the magazine,” Mr. Benson said. The bracelet has an estimate of $2,500-$3,500. The auction will be held online and in Ripley Auctions’ gallery in Indianapolis, Ind.