Two pieces of jewelry owned by Agatha Christie sold at Bonhams in a very competitive auction. The diamond ring and brooch that sold were mentioned in Christie's autobiography but their whereabouts were unknown and presumed lost. They were recovered from a trunk that was also sold at an estate auction in 2006 at Greenway House, Christie's home in Devon. The fan that bought it at the auction for £100 ($162) had no idea that the trunk was actually a treasure chest.

Diamond brooch and ring Agatha Christie's estate. Estimated at $9,700 - $12,900 & $4,800 - $8,100 (L-R). Bonhams. Diamond brooch and ring from Agatha Christie's estate. Photo via Bonhams.

The bids quickly exceed the estimates, the diamond ring had an estimate of £3,000-5,000 ($4,800 - $8,100) and the diamond brooch had an estimate of £6,000-8,000 ($9,700 - $12,900). They ended up selling for £21,875 ($35,447) and £27,500 ($44,569), respectively.

The mystery surrounding the pieces coupled with the surprise ending to the auction make them truly worthy of their previous owner's legacy.

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Story via ArtDaily