Richard Davis began working as Elvis' valet in the early 1960’s. During Presley's career, he also worked as his wardrobe assistant stand-in and personal body guard. Davis worked for Elvis until 1971 and remained close friends with the superstar until his passing in 1977.

As stated in the accompanying letter of attestation, Elvis wore the watch regularly. One day, during a conversation between Presley and Davis, Elvis removed the watch from his wrist, claiming there was something wrong with the back of it. When Davis turned the timepiece over to inspect it, he saw that the case back had been inscribed “To Richard, From E.P.” As detailed in the letter, Elvis then said, “I guess it’s yours now.”

The King of Rock n Roll was known for his extreme generosity, often giving away his valuable belongings as presents, particularly to the Memphis Mafia- the group of friends and employees who surrounded Elvis - so it was not surprising that he gifted his prized Corum to his right-hand man and close friend, Richard Davis.

The square watch is made with 18 carat yellow gold watch and is accompanied by a box, 8 color photos of Elvis wearing the watch and authentication correspondence.

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