''I have never witnessed such a good a wine year as this year! It has been a great season,'' says Christine von Eggers Rudd.

The grapes have been harvested and it is now time for pressing to begin at the beautifully situated winery Château de Palayson at the foot of a red rock, which, with their jagged formations, bear resemblance to the Rocky Mountain. The vineyard produces around 20 000 bottles of wine per year, with around 85 percent red and rosé and the rest white.


In 1999, whilst on their honeymoon, Christine and Alan visited Christine's cousin, it was on this trip that they came across the run-down vineyard, which was home to an elderly lady. In seconds, the couple had decided to buy the farm, under the condition that the occupier could stay there until she passed away. Sadly, after a year and a half since the agreement, the lady passed away.


''The lady who lived here had 36 cats, it smelt awful and was very run down. We immediately began a renovation work. It has been an enormous task and is still ongoing,'' says Christine.


On the property is a chapel from the 1100s, during the renovation a mausoleum was discovered that dates back to Roman times.

''It was the greatest archaeological discovery of Provence that year,'' says Christine. Many archaeologists came to study the mausoleum in order to lecture on it.


The house of the property had several interior walls demolished to open up and expand rooms. All exterior walls were taken down to the stone foundations and a Dalles de Bourgogne stone floor was laid down.

''Alan is an architect and had many ideas about everything being white, with pure and natural materials,'' says Christine. ''Whilst I am more drawn to color and textiles. But we have managed to compromise.''


Some of the furniture in the home has been brought with the couple from previous homes in Washington, Colorado and Copenhagen, and the rest includes finds from antique shops and flea markets local to the area.


The decor is a mixture of French and Gustavian details with contemporary touches. The couple's friend Inge Hørup has painted several of the modern paintings which adorn the walls, both in the main house and the chapel.

''She had an opening here once, and the plan was to take them down after it, we wanted works for ourselves, so we bought several pieces,'' says Christine.


In the 'blue bedroom' is a beautiful old bureau and a mirror that Christine and Alan bought in France.



In Christine's son's bedroom the only furniture they retained from the previous owner can be found, which has been newly upholstered.



Both the kitchen counters and sink in the kitchen have been carved in stone from Pierre de Vence.

''The sink had to be carried in by seven men,'' recalls Christine.



In the chapel, the couple host parties, dinners and concerts,with the ceiling height creating fantastic acoustics. The large painting hung here was painted by Inge Hørup.

In the chapel hangs a painting of Madonna from 1858 by 1600 century artist Bartolome Esteban Murillo which has hung there since it was painted.


In the dining room there is a Gustavian dining table where the couple spend most meal times. The fireplace in this room is used for grilling both meat.
''We have bonfires with the old vines. They burn beautifully and for a long time, giving off a wonderful smell!'' explains Christine.




The cupboard in the kitchen was purchased at a French flea market and has been lined with toile fabric.

In the guest room called  the red bedroom' the bed has been covered with the same fabric as the cupboard in the kitchen.


The farm offers award-winning wine to purchase and taste as well as lunches and corporate events where Alan holds lectures on how to make wine. As well as this, the stunning Château has played host to weddings and there is a house on the property available to rent.



''To buy a vineyard simply to make money is no good, you need to have passion before embarking on this venture,'' explains Christine.

''We do not own a château, the château owns us, laughs Christine.

Discover more about Château de Palayson here.

Photography: Anne Nyblaeus
Stylist: Anette Mörner

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