One of the most iconic examples of yellow diamonds is the Tiffany Yellow. Almost as famous as their Little Blue Box, the stone is thought to have been discovered in South Africa in 1877. At 287.42 carats, it is one of the largest canary yellow diamonds to have ever been discovered. Charles Tiffany acquired it in $18 000 and had it cut in Paris by Tiffany’s gemologist, George Kunz, in 1879 into a cushion shape of 128.54 carats.

The jewel has is thought to have only ever been worn by two women: a Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse at a 1957 Tiffany Ball and Audrey Hepburn in 1961 for the publicity photographs for Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Skip a few years and yellow diamonds are still a favorite of the famous and fabulous. The Isadora Diamond, an 80 carats yellow diamond worth $5 to 6 million, was first worn by Whoopi Goldberg at the 74th Academy Awards. Kate Hudson later wore the diamonds, named after American dancer Isadora Duncan, in the 2003 movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

At the 2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards, Natalie Portman evoked Hepburn's classic style as she took to the red carpet wearing a pair of  27.95 carat yellow diamond earrings from Tiffany & Co., worth $2 million.

Favorite to pick up the Best Actress gong at the 2010 Academy Awards, Kate Winslet wore another stunning Tiffany & Co. diamonds. The jewels in questions were a $2.5 million yellow diamond necklace paired with matching canary diamond earrings, which were valued at $975 000.

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